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Keyplan Creates Your New Floor Plan

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Support Hours

Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm PST

Saturday, 10am - 12pm PST

*Video tour, Photography, Floor Plan and other selected services are available 7 days a week

Keyplan specializes in creating quality residential & commercial floor plans in Metro Vancouver to Fraser Valley.


Keyplan is trusted and works with Realtors, Developers, Interior Designers to bring quality and accurate floor plans for residential, office spaces & commercial buildings. On the scheduled day and time, the team will take accurate measurements of the property to help you visualize in the best way possible.

Floor Plan with Keyplan

  • The Layout of the Property is Easily Understood
  • Precisely Accurate Laser Measurement
  • Protect Your Liability
  • Simple & Efficient Process
  • Free for Attached Unfinished Areas
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Next Business Day Delivery
  • Competitive Edge Over Competition

Why Keyplan?

  • Layout is important
  • Size & accuracy matters
  • Protected liability

If you need floor plan services for your listings, visit Keyplan’s website for more information or call them at 778.955.6107.