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Creativity and design play an integral role in branding and transforming your business. ONIKON Creative offers exclusive design and printing service that aligns with your brand. We will wow you by the quality of the design and printing service.

A strong brand consists of many elements and we create impactful visuals. The design will represent your brand and connect with the audience. We will take care of everything off your hands starting from design to printing the collaterals for you by your desired time.

Products that we offer include

Logo design

Postcard design

Signage design

Business card design

Brochure design

Notepad design

Other brand collateral design

Everything we design, our friend company, Guildford Print will provide high quality printing service based on your needs.

We care about your business and will help you transform your business by implementing creativity and design

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Moday - Friday, 9am - 6pm PST

Saturday, 10am - 12pm PST

*Video tour, Photography, Floor Plan and other selected services are available 7 days a week