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Our highly experienced team will work with you to create the best, yet effective videography focusing on your purpose

Whether you have ten or thousands of attendees, we can professionally produce live event videos of any local concerts and events in your neighbourhood. With our premium high-quality cameras, our skilled crew will be there to capture every single moment of the event.


ONIKON Creative Team can professionally film live premium-quality videos to capture every dynamic moment of the concert.


Whether you want to create an event teaser video, promotional video, film your tournament or charity event, or more, our talented filming crew will professionally capture and package the experience to your needs.

Toy Mountain Charity



Sutton Softball Tournament

ONIKON has been partnering with Sutton Softball event to help make the event to be remembered by filming the exciting moments and remark the hard efforts of everyone’s support.



Video marketing is an essential marketing tool to showcase your story.

Our team will capture the breathtaking experience of being part of your event.
Let us help you tell your story.

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