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How do you stand out in a competitive market?
What makes you special?

Real Estate is one of the most competitive markets and that is why branding plays such an important role to make you stand out from your competitors. Successful branding helps realtors thrive, helping to demonstrate its skills and capabilities to customers.

Our skilled team is passionate about creating compelling brands that represent you and your business. We want your brand to shine amongst others and prosper as a real estate agent. If you’re struggling with brand identity, ONIKON Creative is full of experts that can help you shape your identity and build your brand. We help clients develop better publicity through consistent visual presentation and positioning.

ONIKON Creative’s Branding Strategy

Brainstorming Process

The first step is the hardest but most important process because we get to learn about every single detail of your brand. In our initial meeting, you have to help us get to know the unique story of your business, along with the personality and business style of your brand. With the details, we brainstorm how to create meaningful branding solutions, personalized to your brand.

Brand Identity

Based on the details you provided us with our research, we develop creative visuals that represent your brand. First, we will show you how the colour and fonts work with other marketing materials through mood and concept board. This is a working process with lots of feedback from you.

Initial Draft

We provide you with a customized typeface branding with few mock-ups, so you can get an idea of how your branding package is coming along. We want your real estate branding to emotionally connect with your customers.


With the draft that we both agreed, we discuss how you want to portray your unique brand to your customers. Whether it’s through different media platforms, diverse marketing materials or any other ideas, we’ll help you bring your ideas to life in a creative way.

Designing the Collateral

The most exciting step - We start creating your desired collateral with your personalized real estate branding. This can include real estate website, business cards, signage, flyers, brochures, letterheads, and more, we’ll make sure everything is brand consistent. At last, we also offer printing service as well to make it easier for you.

Differentiate Your Brand and Experience the Difference.

Don’t think branding is simply designing a logo. It’s how your brand is packaged, representing your identity.
Branding is the most powerful real estate marketing strategy.

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