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Why is Social Media So Important to Real Estate Agents?

People spend over 2 hours on social media every day, meaning it plays an integral role in our lives.
Social media marketing is the most cost-effective way to promote yourself to clients. It’s affordable, yet effective because almost everyone is on social media. It’s definitely much more effective compared to other traditional marketing tools, such as mailing out flyers because not many people are simply interested and don’t have the time.

You must put yourself in where people are at and spending their time, which in this case is social media. It’s very important to follow the trends in digital marketing because it changes very quickly, yet it’s the only way to keep people interested.

What Realtors Can Benefit
From Social Media Marketing

  • Build Your Reputation

  • Stay In Touch With Your Clients
    (Future & Past)

  • Drive Traffic To Your Website

  • More Business

  • Stay Focus on Your Work While We Take Care of Your Social Media

If you’re a Realtor and struggling to brand yourself on social media, lacking ideas for your Facebook posts and Instagram, our team can help you create your social media presence.

We create a personalized social media marketing strategy that meets your needs focusing on your target audience. Let ONIKON Creative professionally manage your social media.

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