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Stunning visuals are crucial in marketing as more consumers are being informed on their own. More people expect high-quality information with visuals and aerial photography is the best way to impress your clients.

Professional aerial photography offers high-quality photos and videos using drones. Drone video and photography has been trending in the real estate industry as well. Real estate drone video and real estate aerial photography can capture angles and views that is limited by a standard camera.

Drone Video can capture aerial shots of

  • The Property

  • Local Landscape

  • Neighbourhood

  • Landmarks

  • More

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It’s a great way to showcase the property and offers a different perspective to potential buyers, giving a better sense of the location and the culture. 86% of homebuyers use videos to learn about the community they wish to move to, making aerial video a perfect tool to inform the neighbourhood to the homebuyers.

Our skilled photographers will capture stunning shots of the property, making your property stand out. If you’re looking for aerial photography and video for homes or commercial properties in the Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, ONIKON Creative offers professional high-quality aerial photography.

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