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Listing the home on MLS is often not enough to help sell quickly, especially in a competitive market. If you want your listing to stand out to your audience, a creative and professional real estate brochure will help you present the listing with an impact. Your clients will get to know better about the property with the listing brochure as well. Even though all information is accessible online, people still like to have a physical copy where they can see and touch the product.

Learn the Power of a Tangible Product

Your client, aka Sellers, will love it. Sellers will acknowledge your effort.

Your potential client, aka Buyers, will notice your professional and eye-catching collateral at any open house or showing.

Be prepared and organized at an open house with customized feature sheets integrated with your own branding. It will seamlessly blend with your other marketing materials.

If you’re worried about the brochure design, don’t worry we have you covered. Our team will take care of everything. Starting from taking the photos of the property, designing a customized brochure that matches your brand, and brochure printing, we do all the process.

Say goodbye to the ugly black and white MLS public flyer and get a customized magazine quality brochure for each listing. Whether you want a tri-fold brochure, half fold brochure, or anything else, we have it all.

Don’t leave a negative impact of the home to your potential buyers with a poor quality features sheet. Let us take care of it.