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What’s more exciting than a listing that’s just been listed or sold? If you want to showcase your newest listing or celebrate your latest sold property, a customized flyer or postcard is the perfect solution for you.

Why Do Realtors Need Flyers and Postcards?

Act as a great marketing tool to expose you as a brand and your listings to diverse neighbourhoods.

Higher chance of a person calling you who was thinking to sell the property in the area.

Make your presence in the neighbourhood.

Send a holiday message or event details along with your brand.

Great material to bring for door-knocking. It can be your conversation starter.

Powerful custom postcards and flyers can leave an impactful impression of your brand. Not only do they advertise your listings, but it can be a strategic tool to leave an image to your potential clients.

ONIKON Creative will create customized postcards and flyers that match your personal brand. You don’t have to worry about the postcard design, flyer printing, and delivery. We take care of everything including the Canada Post documents for the delivery. It will be one smooth process taken care of by us. We offer creative, yet professional design with high-quality printing service.

Real estate is a very competitive market, therefore effective marketing collateral is crucial to stand out from competitors. Invest in something that will leave an impression to your clients.

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